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Do you need a trial session before you sign up for your guitar lessons?

Before you make a final decision, to sign up for guitar lessons, it is good that you take a trial lesson. To meet with your potential guitar teachers. Why do you need that? During this lesson, you or your child will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the teacher. They will evaluate your musical level and abilities. Do not stress, this is not an exam. You won’t even notice that you have been evaluated.

What will happen during the trial lesson?

The teacher does that, without burdening you. Based on that, the teacher will clarify the objectives of your guitar training. In addition, you will be able to ask questions and get firsthand answers. Further, the teacher will introduce you to some aspects of the guitar posture. That is the position of the instrument toward the hands and the body. In other words, how to hold the guitar. Moreover, they will show you some of the basic principles of sound-producing. You will learn what is the role of the right and left hands in this process. Similarly, you will get an idea of some basic concepts of music notation. For instance, how to find the notes on the guitar itself. Most importantly, the teacher will explain to you how the lessons will go in general.

I am not a beginner

If you or your child are not a beginner, the teacher may assign you some musical tasks. For example, to play something you already know, to sight-read a short piece of music, or to solve a small theory task.

After that, the teacher will determine your level. They will assign an appropriate program for you. After the trial lesson, you can discuss with them which of our lesson packages would be best for you. We pay special attention to the communication between teacher-student-parent. Be sure that your child or you personally will find yourself in a positive environment with a friendly instructor.