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A triplet is an irregular division of a given note value into three, instead of two from the same kind. All note values divisions that we have learned so far are 2, 4, and so on we never divided any note value into 3.  A triplet provides the opportunity to perform 3 notes in the same duration as two of a similar kind. It enables the musicians to include more musicality and rhythm variety in the given time.

Here are all note values that we know with their normal subdivisions into two.


And here you can see how it will look with the other equation with triplets


The triplet is indicated with a number “3” above or below the notes. without that number, the notes will be just as normal.

How To Count A Triplet?

As a beginner, the most common triplet you will probably see is a triplet against a quarter note

fig. 5

Let’s take the above triplet, as we already know, it is equal in time to two eight notes or to one crotchet note. The example below illustrates that relation.

fig. 6

and here is how we would possibly count each of those note values:

Fig. 8

Inside this irregular division, the note values are different than in the “outside world” but they also divide and combine as the ones out of the triplet. See the example below (fig. 9):

fig. 9

As you can see in fig. 9 (above) the first triplet is a combination of a crotchet and a quaver the total value in quavers of those two notes is three. The second triplet is a combination of quaver, quaver rest, and another quaver note, the total here is also three. The third one has been divided into two semiquavers for its first subdivision and two quavers for the second and third. In general, there are acceptable all possible combinations as in the normal notes.

Now you know what is a triplet in music: it is an irregular division in which we divide a note value that normally divides into two into three instead of two from the same kind. And when you see it in your music you will be aware of what it is and how to deal with it.

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