The Silent Progressor: How Daily Guitar Practice Speaks Volumes

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Playing guitar is an activity that requires a lot of passion and dedication, as well as self-discipline and commitment. The guitar lesson is the contact time between the teacher and the student. where the teacher teaches the student new things, revises the homework and provides the student with valuable feedback. However, that alone is far from enough to achieve great results. It is important to understand the need of constant practice between the lessons. In this post we will try to explain why practicing is the main factor for unleashing your full potential in classical guitar.

**1. Consolidating Learning:

Studying music is as if you are learning a language. The practice is like the missing link between the lessons, like a concrete between the bricks it helps to affirm the knowledge that you got during the guitar lesson and transform it into specific skills. Moreover, by practicing regularly you allow your teacher to teach you more. 

**2. Muscle Memory Development:

Well-developed muscle memory is one of the most essential qualities that the classical guitarist should possess. A regular and consistent practice routine enhances your muscle memory, in result you get more efficient in browsing around the fretboard. The constant repetition of certain exercises, scales and etudes helps your muscles to become familiar with the mechanics. 

**3. Building Stamina:

Playing musical instrument is a physical activity and as such it requires stamina. Constant practice gradually develops stamina in your fingers and your hands as a whole. It is crucial for beginners to work on their stamina. At the beginning it is not necessary to concentrate especially on developing stamina as there are too many things to deal with. Bu a good starting point is after you have learned a small piece, exercise or even a small scale, try to repeat it several times in a row, without stopping in between that is a good beginning of developing your stamina.

**4. Developing Technique:

A good technique is a preposition for a smooth and sensible performance. By practicing routinely you have a chance to focus on the specific technical aspects and nuances of the classical guitar mastery, such as, different times of slurs, right hand fingers combinations, left hand fingering etc. the persistence in your practice sessions allows you to accumulate great amount of musical images and an efficient technical abilities to reproduce them.

**5. Internalizing Timing and Rhythm:

Music is a temporal art it exists and develops in time. Good timing and rhythm is a must quality that any classical guitarist should possess. Regularly practicing with metronome is one of the best ways so far, for improve your timing and rhythm. Having a clear sense of time and rhythm allows you to perform more free and confident. As well as learning new pieces with easy.

**6. Exploration and Creativity:

Constant practicing and exercising with your instrument let’s you free from the physical limitations. That means that you can explore different musical ideas and harvest the fruits of your own creativity. That time that you spent alone with your instrument becomes more interesting and fulfilling.

**7. Overcoming Challenges Gradually:

You might have discover that the path of learning the guitar is endless chain of challenges. The regular and guided practice segments will help you tremendously in overcoming any obstacles gradually and seamlessly. 

**8. Tracking Progress and Setting Goals:

While practicing and advancing in music it is important to keep track of your progress. Once you have established your practicing routine you can start tracking your progress, as well as setting up new goals. To ensure that your growth is smooth and enjoyable it is of high benefit to learn to set small achievable victories for yourself on a daily basis. Those small goals should be in line with your main goal, so by working in small incremental steps you ensure your steady and firm progress.

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