Vibrato on Classical Guitar

Vibrato is an important technique for classical guitarists to master in order to add expressiveness and beauty to their playing. Once we produce a sound on classical guitar, there is not much that we can do before it fades away. Vibrato is the only technique that allows the guitar player to add more color and expressiveness to the produced sound.

Learn Classical Guitar in a Group

Group guitar classes Seniors

There are many benefits to learning guitar in group guitar classes . It will provide you with an opportunity to learn from other musicians, who are more experienced than you. In a group, you are in a supportive and encouraging environment to grow your skills and abilities. Learning guitar in a group setting is not…

Guitar Beginner Books

Most guitar teachers have their guitar beginner books or a method that they prefer to use when teaching guitar to beginners. The guitar teacher uses many books but usually, one main one which he changes as the years go by. With time of-coarse, I also have my favorite books to instruct new students. Being an…