The Power of Scales and Technical Exercises in Guitar Playing

When it comes to mastering the classical guitar, diligent practice is key. While repertoire pieces undoubtedly hold great importance, it is crucial not to overlook the significance of practicing scales and technical exercises. These exercises provide a solid foundation for developing essential skills, such as accuracy, timing, tone quality, finger independence, and posture. In this…

Vibrato on Classical Guitar

Vibrato is an important technique for classical guitarists to master in order to add expressiveness and beauty to their playing. Once we produce a sound on classical guitar, there is not much that we can do before it fades away. Vibrato is the only technique that allows the guitar player to add more color and expressiveness to the produced sound.

How to Read Chord Chart

Chord Charts

Chord charts are diagrams of the fretboard. They show the names of the chords and where they are played on the fretboard. Chord charts can be used to help you learn how to play guitar or to accompany a song. There are many different chord chart formats, but all follow the same basic pattern In…

Guitar Beginner Books

Most guitar teachers have their guitar beginner books or a method that they prefer to use when teaching guitar to beginners. The guitar teacher uses many books but usually, one main one which he changes as the years go by. With time of-coarse, I also have my favorite books to instruct new students. Being an…