Online Guitar Lessons

Are online guitar lessons as good as face-to-face lessons? This is a common question, and the truth is that online lessons offer a unique and valuable learning experience that cannot be directly compared to traditional face-to-face lessons.

Some people argue that nothing can replace the personal connection and interaction between a student and teacher in traditional lessons. While everyone’s opinion matters, it’s important to note that many of these arguments come from individuals who have never actually tried online lessons and haven’t fully explored the potential they hold.

Instead of trying to determine a winner between the two formats, let’s consider what each of them has to offer.

Guitar Lesson ElementsFace-to-face lessonsOnline lessons
Revision of the materialYesYes
Demonstration of the new staffYesyes
Sight reading exercisesYesYes
Music TheoryYesYes
Aural training exercisesYesYes
Duets teacher-StudentYesNo
Duets with Backing tracksNo needYes

When we compare the two teaching formats in the table above, we can see that there are actually very few differences between them. However, it’s important to address a common misconception: many people assume that online lessons should be cheaper because they are different from face-to-face lessons and not a direct substitute for them. However, this assumption is incorrect.

Online lessons are not just a compromise or a second-best option compared to face-to-face lessons. They are actually a valuable and effective alternative. While the cost of online lessons can vary depending on the teacher and platform, it’s essential to recognize that online lessons provide numerous benefits and should be valued accordingly.

So, rather than considering online lessons as a budget-friendly alternative or a lesser option, we should acknowledge their true worth and the opportunities they bring. They offer a convenient, accessible, and high-quality learning experience that shouldn’t be underestimated.

Individual Online Guitar Lessons

This is an online “one-to-one” teaching format using Zoom as a platform. Based on the age and the level of the student, I use different teaching methods, plus the ones that I have developed over the years. The Online individual guitar lessons program, along with the guitar techniques delivers:

  • Music theory,
  • Ensemble playing- student-teacher, done with backing tracks, sent when needed
  • Sight-reading,
  • Preparation for board examinations ABRSM or TCL from Grade 1 to Diploma, on request.

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