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Most guitar teachers have their guitar beginner books or a method that they prefer to use when teaching guitar to beginners. The guitar teacher uses many books but usually, one main one which he changes as the years go by. With time of-coarse, I also have my favorite books to instruct new students. Being an author myself, it will be logical to choose my own book. Because I wrote it with great passion and care. Finally “because I wrote an amazing book as no one did before me, etc.” I can’t be more sarcastic! No, I don’t prefer my book, I am not even using it in my daily teaching, I use it but only sometimes.

Which beginners book to choose?

All is about choice, depending upon the particular situation. In other words, which book will match most of our requirements. For example, will it be able to supply us (me and the student) with methodical and gradual presentations of the guitar techniques and musical knowledge? Will it have enough and interesting examples for implementation? Is this book well structured so it can allow us to build on it? Also, will it correspond with the student’s abilities, age, temperament, and so on…? Undoubtedly, it is important not only which book but how it will be used.

Teaching guitar to beginners

is not an easy task, one may think it is easy because you deal with students that never played guitar and they know little or nothing about it.  Yes, that is correct, you deal with people who know almost nothing about the guitar. But it is our professional responsibility to teach them in the most appropriate manner. Not only to teach them but to motivate and nurture them. A guitar beginner regardless of their age is like a child who learns how to walk.

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