Why Classical Guitar?

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Many studies show that the benefits of studying music and playing an instrument can be substantial. Kids who study music from an early age can do better at a range of subjects. Children who play music learn that there are rewards from hard work, practice, and discipline. Playing a musical instrument helps in developing kids’ creative thinking and motor skills. Music helps kids to become more active listeners. Also, It can enhance their health and wellbeing and increase their stamina. The classical guitar is easy to obtain, easy to take care of, and also to carry.

What the parents think?

When it comes to music lessons, not always but, in most cases, our approach as parents is approximately in the following line: “Let’s see if he shows interest”. “If he likes it, we can buy him a guitar”. “Let’s see if he is capable”. “I think he is more into arts”. “He is good in sports”. “He likes music, he likes to listen”. In other words, the child will study guitar or any other instrument, only if they like it and if they are musical. If they show interest and so on. In short, the music lessons will be taken at the child’s will.

Who will become a good guitarist?

In general, only a few of the guitar students who “Like the guitar” start to practice and get into it in the early weeks or months of their guitar lessons. Most kids, even if they love it, take a long, long time. Sometimes years before they start practicing enjoying, and really benefiting from their classical guitar lessons. Not necessarily all the students that are musical and capable of learning and playing guitar, show good results. Simply because there are other factors that will determine the overall progress. On the other hand, many guitar students that are not that musical, don’t like to practice and so on, but later when they advance in the matter, they show great results in guitar exams, willingly perform at concerts, assemblies, and other events.

Can we predict?

We can’t say who is going to be a good or not good guitar student at the beginning. Judging only by their anatomical and musical conditions, when we evaluate them before starting their guitar lessons with us. There is no question that a student with musical prepositions has better chances to advance and to do better than other students. But those are only chances, the question is: “Will they be used”? Each child is different and requires a different approach, we at VGA, take this seriously, and with care, it is important not only the result but also the process, the daily routine, which must be enjoyable before all. Everyone will reach there in their own way and pace, carefully guided and mentored by our qualified guitar instructors and teachers.   

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